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Foundation Amazon Pro-life is an idealistic foundation, which was founded with a lot of enthusiasm. The foundation is engaged in supervising amd providing education to the children in Eldorado do Amazonas, a place at the river Caraxio in the heart of the Amazon. This strategic location in the middle of the Brazilian jungle is extremely suitable for our activities.  In almost every case the children are abandoned by their families in which they were born

Most of the time this results from a lack of ethical principles. The children go wandering around, become sexually abused and lose the road of development. They get involved in a world of crime, theft and murder.  We will make sure that this process is not in our region and make these children have a better life in society. A valuable life with more propects.  With this in mind we founded Amazon Pro-Life. Our passion is to see the children grow up in a loving and harmonious environment. We start by educating the children. The idea is that the children pass their development on to their parents. In this way, they will realize that they really are able to contribute to their children’s education. The parents should know that children need attention and can not be left to their fate.  Later on, we also will improve the living conditions of the families. Keep in mind the actual situation: there are houses without floor in which water flows in freely when it rains, the only thing they can do is cover the floor with plastic then.  We also will provide for building simple, but reliable small houses, in which the people keep dry feet and are able to live in a more hygienic environment. This also contributes to a more stable education of the children.


To help in this, you can donate. 

structural donation of € 5 per month has been helping tremendously 


Data Bank: 

The bank where the foundation is housed bunqbank account data. 

IBAN: NL43 BUNQ 2290 6115 14

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